Xiaomi Mobile Blast in Girl’s Pocket, How is this possible?

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Xiaomi Mobile Blast in Girl’s Pocket, How is this possible? Charging battery or overworked processor gets very hot very quickly. Due to this, the mobile explodes. Reports about smartphone explosions have become very frequent these days and every time it happens, there are multiple opinions about how safe smartphones are today and how to prevent such accidents.

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A Twitter user Saurabh Maurya complained in a tweet that his Xiaomi phone burnt to ashes while charging. He claimed that the device is only 6 months old and if a smartphone from a brand like Xiaomi can explode like this, how safe are smartphones these days. He tagged Xiaomi India and claimed that we are probably holding a living bomb in our hands, which can explode at any moment.

Xiaomi Mobile Blast in Girl's Pocket, How is this possible?
Xiaomi Mobile Blast in Girl’s Pocket, How is this possible?

The person’s tweet has received mixed reactions, with people tagging Mi India and asking them to look into the matter. Some people claim that this happens when consumers go for more specs at a lower price, while others claim that price is not a parameter for safety as Apple iPhones and Samsung flagships have also exploded in the past.

Over the past few months, there have been reports of Xiaomi phones catching fire, first with a Poco X3, then a Redmi Note 9 Pro. That bunch doesn’t seem to be over.

Yet another Xiaomi device has gone down in flames. Two, actually: a Poco C3 and a Redmi 8. As revealed on Twitter, the Poco C3 exploded while in the pocket of its owner Shihabuddin in India. The victim’s leg appears to have been burnt in the blast.

While the shared images heavily suggest that the explosion started in the phone’s battery, this case is a bit different from others. Most notably, the device was in the owner’s pocket when it exploded, making it unlikely that it was being charged. Similar incidents in the past usually occurred during charging.

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