What is YouTube

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Now we all use YouTube, YouTube is a free video-sharing website where we can easily watch videos online. Not only this, with the help of this you can create and upload your own videos. It was launched on YouTube on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Javed Karim. YouTube is now one of the most popular sites on the web and over one billion monthly users on YouTube collectively watch more than one billion hours of video every day.

What is YouTube
What is YouTube

In October 2006, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion. After being purchased by Google, YouTube has expanded its ability to link to mobile apps, network television, and other services outside of the website. You can call everything on YouTube, such as magic videos, short films, news, audio songs, movies, teasers, live streams, and much more.

YouTube is so popular now that everyone uses YouTube. Now you will find all kinds of videos on YouTube. You can also make videos on YouTube. You can also earn money from YouTube.

Owner of YouTube

Many of me don’t know who owns YouTube and who makes YouTube. I would like to inform you about that, many of you can read the details below if you want to know about this subject.

YouTube, a website for video sharing. It was created on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Javed Karim, three former employees of the American e-commerce company PayPal. Now the world knows it like YouTube. Shortly after the site opened on a limited (“beta”) basis in May 2005, it was attracting around 30,000 visitors per day.

When YouTube officially launched on December 15, 2005, it was showing more than two million videos a day. As of January 2006, that number has grown to over 25 million views. The number of videos available on the site exceeded 25 million in March 2006, with more than 20,000 new videos uploaded every day.

Owner of YouTube
Owner of YouTube

In 2005, the American search engine company Google Inc. launched a video service, Google Video, but it failed to generate much traffic, and in November 2006, Google was asked to buy YouTube for 1.65 billion in stock. Then in 2006, Steve Chen, Javed Karim, and Chad Hurley sold YouTube to Google for 1.65 billion (approximately Rs 1.16 trillion).

YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google. It was launched on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.


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Founder(s)Chad Hurley Steve Chen Jawed Karim
Key peopleSusan Wojcicki (CEO) Chad Hurley (advisor

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