I Came By Movie Review (2022) – I Came By Full Movie watch and review

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I Came By Movie Review (2022) – I Came By Full Movie: I Came By is essentially a conglomerate cocktail of better thrillers. There’s a little bit of Don’t Breathe, some Watchdogs in here, and a bit of V for Vendetta. Oh and a big ol’ dollop of questionable plotting too. Armed with an incredibly unlikable protagonist, a tired and rehashed “rich VS poor” theme, and a final act that goes completely off the rails, I Came By’s potential comes quickly but soon peters out into forgettable fluff.

I Came By Full Movie watch and review

I Came By Movie Review (2022) - I Came By Full Movie watch and review
I Came By Movie Review (2022) – I Came By Full Movie watch and review

It’s a shame because the story was actually very well done. There’s a graffiti artist terrorizing people’s homes, leaving “I Come By” notes scrawled across the walls. This artist, however, is not Banksy, generating mixed reactions from the public. It soon becomes clear that the culprit is a rebellious, angry, young adult called Toby. He can’t hold down a job for more than a week, is upset that his best friend Jay is having a baby (because it means less time to fool around and spread their activist message), and he doesn’t respect his mother, Liz.

In fact, Toby regularly texts Lizzie. , steals the remote control, gaslights her father for leaving, and refuses to ease around the house. Here’s the hero, however, the guy we’re supposed to be rooting for. However, Toby’s anger is ultimately directed at the wealthy elite and to whom he can send a message than Hector, the clean ex-judge.

Well-respected in the community and with a good relationship with the cops, Toby decides to break into his place and find out if he can hold any juicy details. Unfortunately, what he finds inside is a shocking secret that turns his life upside down and brings with it a spiraling sense of doom that engulfs not only Toby but also his mother and best friend.

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The story is nicely constructed for the first 45 minutes, but the screenplay is incredibly uneven, with the second half completely out of whack. There’s clearly a desire to shock, and admittedly, there are a few surprising twists. But twisting for the sake of twisting doesn’t make a good movie and that’s where I come by falter.

The narrative shifts halfway through to focus more on Liz and Jay, as they try to solve the mystery of Hector’s house. Although its whiplash effect does more harm than good to the screenplay. There’s no rush here because, as I said before, Toby is very unlikeable. He has no redeeming qualities other than playing George Mac.

Speaking of acting, everyone here puts in a good performance with Hugh Bonneville standing up well in his role, given the weak material he’s given. Hector’s motivations are so clichéd that I’m surprised he didn’t have a twirling mustache and a pet cat.

It’s not all bad though and I Came By has some stand-out elements. The first half of the narrative is pretty good, as mentioned above, though no one has the plot armor, with intense encounters. For all its faults with the screenplay, the final act is actually quite engaging, although the ending is also quite unexpected.

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