How to Clean a Phone Speaker

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Over time, your smartphone’s speakers collect lint, dust, and all sorts of dirt that you may not see. And when you keep them dirty for a long time, you start to hear that your voice is mingling. But before you go to the repair shop, there are some great strategies for cleaning your speakers, both on the outside and inside of the phone.

Why You Should Clean Your Phone Speaker Regularly

Regularly cleaning your phone’s speaker area means preventing dirt from entering the surface. If you ignore the need to clean it from time to time, stubborn, dusty phone audio may stop working. You may encounter audio problems during the phone call.

This delicate part of your phone may seem difficult to clean, in this article, we will tell you how you can do it systematically.

How to Clean a Phone Speaker

How to Clean a Phone Speaker
How to Clean a Phone Speaker

In this post, I am going to discuss some ways to clean the speaker of the phone, which keeps the speaker free from dust and sand on your mobile. Those methods I have discussed below. You must stay connected with us till the end and follow the procedures well. So, friends, I am starting today’s article without wasting time.

Method: Using a Toothbrush

Option 1: Using a toothpick to clean your smartphone speakers:

A fine object, such as a wooden or plastic toothpick, is a great way to get rid of excess debris stuck in the speaker’s hole. Insert the tip of the toothpick into the speaker hole. Tilt the toothpick, apply pressure and stick any dust inside the speaker hole. Caution: Be gentle so that your speaker is not damaged.

Option 2: Using painter’s masking tape:

Properly cleaning your smartphone speakers and extending their lifespan can go a long way in investing in good-quality painter masking tape. Cut a small piece of masking tape and use the adhesive to remove dirt from the speaker’s holes. If you prefer Option 1, you can use masking tape instead of a wooden toothpick. To make a toothpick-like structure simply roll a small piece of tape and follow the instructions described in the previous paragraph.

How to Clean a Phone Speaker
How to Clean a Phone Speaker

Option 3: Using a soft brush:

A small paintbrush is ideal for getting rid of dirt without damaging your smartphone’s speakers. Choose a 00000 size paintbrush with soft bristles for more control and precision. Otherwise, use any of your paintbrushes at home, trimming the bristles in the shape of speaker holes.

Clean the speakers of the smartphone by inserting the tip of the brush into the speaker hole and brushing gently against the wall of the speaker hole.

Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App

Friends, with one app you can clean the speaker of your Android phone. So friends, if you don’t know about that app, then you must read our whole post.

Friends, there is an easy way to clean Android phone speakers with an app The Magic app is none other than the Speaker Cleaner app. I will outline how to use the app and then explain how the speaker cleaner app actually cleans your speakers and makes them better.

Steps to Clean Android Phone Speakers

  1. Download and Install Speaker Phone App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app once the installation is done. It will display as below.
  3. Tap on the Whirlwind icon at the top to begin the cleaning process. The app will make the phone start making different sounds at different sound levels and frequencies. Sit back and let the app do the magic.
  4. That’s basically how to Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App. You should be having better sound quality at the end of this.

How Speaker Cleaner App works

Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App
Clean Android Phone Speakers with an App

You may be wondering, how does this app get rid of my speaker dust? It’s pretty straightforward, we know that the app creates different sound waves with different frequencies at all levels. The sound makes the speaker vibrate and loosens the sticky dust on the speaker and so easily blows on the speaker or the force of gravity helps you. Enjoy great sound from recovery speakers.

Water Accident? Let It Dry

One of the most common consequences of water loss in your phone is a faulty speaker. The liquid can quickly make its way into the internal components attached to the open grills. So if you have a speaker problem after such an accident, let your phone dry.

There are several ways to dry a wet phone. You can blow it in hot air, throw it in a bowl of rice, and much more. Whatever you do, turn off your phone immediately and let it dry completely before trying to boot it up.

Also, you can try downloading apps like Speaker Cleaner. These will play a vibrating sound to unlock the speakers and pump water out of them. It has a proven track record and does not cost anything, although it does include advertising.


In this post, I discuss how to clean phone speakers and how to clean out dust, sand, water and how to clean apps. Thank you for viewing our entire post.

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