How to buy Medicine online (2022)

If you want to know how to buy medicine online then I think you have entered a good website. So let\’s get started. Are you still queuing up to buy medicine? Do you think that your medicine has cost more than the price? Yes, those days are gone.

You can buy medicines online and deliver them to your doorstep. There are multiple websites and portals such as Practo, Migra, Apollo 247, PharmaG, MedPlus Mart, SastaSundar, Truemeds, Netmeds, Phable, Pharmacy, Medibody, 1mg, NetMeds, MedLife, etc. Which provides you with this service. Where you can order directly from your smartphone.

List of some of the best medicine delivery apps in India for 2022:

1. Practo:

Google Play Store ranking – 4.5

Founded in 2008, Practo is a complete solution for all your medical needs. The app lets you book an appointment with a doctor near you, order medication, buy a health plan or consult a doctor online. What sets Practo apart from other e-pharmacies is that it allows you to consult more than 25 specialized doctors.

How to buy Medicine online (2022)

The app is very easy to use. You can schedule your consultation later or start immediately within 2 minutes. When ordering drugs, Practo prides itself on more than 50,000 drugs and health products and can deliver in less than two hours.

The app is very easy to use. You can schedule your consultation later or start immediately within 2 minutes. When ordering drugs, Practo prides itself on more than 50,000 drugs and health products and can deliver in less than two hours.

Membership benefits – Practo Plus lets you get unlimited online consultations for you and your family.
First-purchase offer – Get 20% on your first order.

2. 1mg:

Google Play Store ranking – 4.4

Ranked as one of the best ‘Made in India’ apps by Apple in 2014, 1mg is bound to be on this list. Like other apps, 1mg lets you buy medications, book lab tests, and consult with doctors. However, there are features above and beyond that make it worth trying 1mg. For one, you can view medication information, get tips and expert advice and get answers to your questions and concerns. Second, whenever you look for any drugs, you will be shown alternative brands and their prices. This way you can save a lot while buying your medicine.

Membership benefits – With a 1mg Care Plan, you get 2% off on all orders, an extra 5% 1mgCash, free delivery across India, one free lab test, one free consultation, and early access to sale periods.
First-purchase offer – Get 18% off + 20% cashback.

3. Apollo 247:

Google Play Store ranking – 4.4

For almost 32 years, Apollo Pharmacy has been providing genuine medicines all the time through a 24-hour pharmacy. Now, with Apollo 24/7, they want to make drug shopping more convenient than ever. With more than 3,500 stores under its belt, drug delivery is a breeze for Apollo. Because of this, in some cities, they can even be delivered within an hour.

Some of the additional benefits of ordering from the Apollo 247 app include the Apollo Health Credit (points you earn each time you order), symptom checkers, digitized health records, doctor\’s advice, and diagnostic tests. There is also the option to talk to a pharmacologist about drug interactions before you order.

Subscription Benefits – Apollo 247 CIRCLE offers you services like free delivery, priority shipping, exclusive discounts on doctor\’s advice and lab tests, and emergency doctor-on-call.
First purchase offer – 10% discount on all drugs.

4. PharmEasy:

Google Play Store ranking – 4.5

Founded in 2015, PharmEasy is a relatively new app in the e-pharmacy segment. However, this is not a problem for PharmEasy, which is known for its intelligent UI and the refreshing in-app experience. The company provides more than 22,000 pin codes, spread across 1,200 cities, which alone puts it on top of other apps. In addition to door-to-door delivery of your medicines, PharmEasy Lab also offers services such as test booking, access to drug information, and ordering medical equipment.

Membership benefits – PharmEasy Plus membership gives you free shipping, free doctor consultation, 5% cashback on all orders, and 10% cashback on booking a lab test.
First-purchase offer – Flat 15% Off + 10% Cashback.

5. MedPlus Mart

Google Play Store ranking – 4.6.

MedPlus Mart is one of the most reviewed, most downloaded, and ranked medical apps. The app lets you order medicines and other over-the-counter health products at your fingertips. MedPlus lets you set up a pill reminder, print your bills at any time, keep all your health records in one place, and get information about medications, their side effects, alternatives, and more.

How to buy Medicine online (2022)

Membership benefits – MedPlus Mart’s FlexiRewards program lets you save up to 35% through points, which you can redeem either via receiving cash or household products.
First-purchase offer – Get a flat 25% off on medicine orders

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