Best laptop company in India

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If you want to know the name of the best laptop company in India then I think you have entered a good site. Due to the variety of options that are flooding the market of electronic devices, it can often be a challenge to know which is the best laptop brand in India for your needs. Whether you\’re a professional or a student, smartphones, and tablets can be useful if you want to clear the internet, but laptops will be essential if you have to do more complex and sophisticated work.

Best laptop company in India

That\’s why today we bring you a list of the best laptop brands. To develop it, we ranked us based on design, technical support, screen, audio, configuration, and of course user feedback.

List of Top 12 Laptop Brands In India:

Below, therefore, we will analyze the best laptop brands and offer them in terms of product selection, overall performance, reliability, and much more. So, if you are thinking of buying a laptop in the near future, we recommend that you take a look at the list below.

S. No.Laptop Brands In IndiaPrice Range
1.ASUS₹25,890 – ₹2,29,000
2.Apple₹83,610 – ₹2,59,900
3.HP₹22,990 – ₹3,39,000
4.Dell₹37,990 – ₹3,25,500
5.Lenovo₹19,990 – ₹2,66,999
6.Acer₹24,990 – ₹2,02,990
7.MSI₹53,500 – ₹2,87,379
8.Microsoft Surface₹50,400 – ₹3,73,999
9.VAIO₹44,990 – ₹83,110
10.Razer₹1,84,562 – ₹2,63,560
11.Avita₹18,550 – ₹56,250
12.Mi₹56,999 – ₹62,843
List of Top 12 Laptop Brands In India

Reviews of best laptop brands in India:

1. ASUS:

AsusTeK Computer, Inc. Asus for short, is a company of Taiwanese descent founded in 1989. The ASUS laptop is one of the most well-known and popular laptops on the market. This is because for several years now the Taiwanese company has been working hard to create the best performing and exceptional looking laptops.

ASUS has laptops for almost any purpose, be it for students, creative or business professionals. From powerful processor integration to powerful battery life, these laptops are always one step ahead in adapting to your dynamic lifestyle.

Best laptop company in India

2. Apple:

Apple is one of the top laptop brands in India. The first Macintosh was published on January 24, 1984. This is the first commercial breakthrough for computers using a mouse and a graphical interface. Since then, Apple has not stopped developing exceptional products to become a great laptop brand.

Unlike other manufacturers, Apple equips its machines with its own macOS. This is an important consideration when buying an Apple laptop. The functionality of macOS is actually very different from that of Windows. You need to learn how it works and deal with specific software for Apple, especially if you are buying your first Apple laptop.

3. HP:

One of the most popular laptop brands suitable for all consumers. Hewlett-Packard Company, officially abbreviated as HP, is an American company founded in 1939 by two engineers from Stanford University. To this day, it is a brand that offers a great user experience. It has made an inimitable name for itself within the world of computing.

HP has become a high-demand brand for those who want to buy quality laptops. Users always like their design and the comfort of their keyboard. Despite having a quality technical service, it is a brand that you can trust because of the large number of after-sales service providers out there.

4. DELL:

Recognized for the quality and after-sales service of a laptop brand. Dell Inc. is an American company founded in 1964. It is currently the third-largest computer maker in the world behind Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo.

Dell offers a mix of weird and original designs. Whether it\’s an entry-level 14-inch laptop or a giant 18-inch laptop you\’ve read, Dell has won the hearts of users with its high-performance and high-quality experience.

It is one of the brands that provide an excellent coding experience, it is very welcome when you spend hours coding or programming. Whether it\’s gaming productivity or business, Dell has plenty of great laptops for almost every segment.

5. Lenovo:

It is an excellent laptop brand that is slowly gaining popularity in India. Founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi, Lenovo gained worldwide recognition in 2005 when it acquired IBM\’s personal computing division to become the world\’s leading PC maker.

The brand offers a wide range of laptops, so there is something for all kinds of users. Whether you\’re looking for a laptop for work or gaming, it\’s possible to find something in Lenovo\’s extensive catalog.

Best laptop company in India

However, this is not its only quality, as Lenovo\’s technical service is at the forefront. It has no equal and it gives it a great advantage over other popular brands. Lenovo laptops are also famous for the quality of their components and hardware.

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