Best electric tandoor in India (2022)

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We all love delicious and tasty food made in the oven. If you want to enjoy a good meal with the oven, you must go to a restaurant or order online. But now, you can make and enjoy this oven recipe with an electric oven at home. All you need to make a delicious tandoori recipe is an electric tandoor.

Best electric tandoor in India (2022)
Best electric tandoor in India (2022)

Can’t find the best electric tandoor and come to our website to find it. Then you have come to the right place. Today in this post we will review the best electric oven for homes in India. We don’t usually have a tandoor in our house to make tandoori recipes. Fried or oven food requires charcoal and fire and it is great for outdoor cooking. Electric ovens can solve this problem. All these oven recipes you can make at home using an electric oven. You can make recipes for tandoori chicken, batis, tandoori rotis, mutton tikka, naan and pizza, cheese tikka, and many more.

3 Best Electric Tandoor for Home in India 

Today in this article we will discuss the top 3 Electric Tandoor in India. Do you know which are the best Electric Tandoor in India now? If you don’t know, keep reading this post till the end. So friends, let’s start without wasting time.

1. Glen (SA5014) 1100 Watt Electric Tandoor 

It is one of the best electric ovens in India. The main role of this electric oven is its qualities. Glen Electric Tandoor results from research and the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. To make the device entirely rust-proof, it was given a matt surface of stainless steel, which included all of the screws.

It comes with a viewing window so you can keep an eye on your cuisine as it cooks. It has a cool-touch handle that allows you to carry the tandoor without burning your hands. It also contains a four-position selector knob for controlling the tandoor’s functioning. 

Glen (SA5014) 1100 Watt Electric Tandoor
Glen (SA5014) 1100 Watt Electric Tandoor

A sliding tray made of aluminum is located in the oven. A wire rack for grilling is located on top of the tray and helps you handle small pieces. The sliding tray below collects all the necessary drops. The device weighs 5 kg and uses only 1100 watts of power.

It has energy-efficient heating elements that make it one of the top ovens in the market. This clever electric oven is designed to fit your kitchen. Designed with energy-efficient ingredients, it allows instant cooking without heat radiation around. You use this electric oven and enjoy delicious food.

2.  Wellberg Electric Tandoor with Auxiliary Equipment

The Welberg electric oven with auxiliary equipment is one of the best electric ovens for homes in India. You can easily grill, bake, toast and roast in an electric oven. You can cook a variety of foods, such as cheese, mutton, chicken, mushrooms, fish, and vegetables. Also for recipes like sandwiches, cheese tikka, biscuits, kebabs, tandoori roti, potato tikka, naan, cakes, tandoori chicken, and many other tandoori recipes it is the best electric tandoor for a home in India.

Wellberg Electric Tandoor Features:

In this article, I will discuss the features of Wellberg Electric Tandoor. Stay tuned till the end of our post to know the features of this oven. So friends, let’s start without delay.

1. Wellberg electric tandoor has a one-year warranty.
2. Four skewers, with a grill.
3. A magic cloth is provided for cleaning the tandoor. It is non-sticky and washable.
4. Other accessories are provided, such as gloves, a pizza cutter, and a recipe book.
5. It has a power of 2000 watts.
6. The 2 heating elements are made of stainless steel.
7. The body is shockproof and has additional accessories to provide an additional safety element for heating.
8. Wellberg electric tandoor is lightweight and elegant in design.
9. Dimensions (length x width x height): 16 x 12 x 8 inches

3 . Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor

Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor
Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor

Yet another family-friendly faux iron electric oven is the Smart Life Electric oven. A compact, small-sized device. Ideal for indoor use, this oven can be a welcome addition to your kitchen decor and an attractive adaptation for home party use.

Made of cast iron, this electric can help you cook and eat lots of tandoori meat and vegetarian food. Featuring an ergonomic handle and a non-stick aluminum plate, the electric oven has a stiff glass attached to the door, showing how the food is being baked or baked.

In addition, it comes with a grill, four squares, a magic cloth for baking (non-stick), and a pizza cutter. The rubber legs present along with the fiber handles are ideal insulators. Aside from the fact that its price is a bit high, it is rich in its own way. The product has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for any defects that may occur during the warranty period.

How to Clean Electric Tandoor?

Follow these steps to clean your electric tandoor.

Step 1: Unplug the electric tandoor.
Step 2: Let the tandoor cool down for 5 to 10 minutes.
Step 3: Use paper towels to remove oil, grease, and burnt food from the surface of the electric tandoor surface.
Step 4: Pour a little (1 tablespoon at a time) of hot water on the tandoor.
Step 5: Add a drop of dishwashing liquid to warm water on the tandoor.
Step 6: Wipe the tandoor with a paper towel or dry cloth.
Step 7: Dry the tandoor completely and plug it in or pack for another time.

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