Best benefits Debit card in India (2022)

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If you want to know about the Best Benefits Debit Card of India then I think you have come to a good site. There are similarities and differences between credit cards and debit cards. As we mentioned earlier, debit cards help us access money directly from our bank account and when performing transactions, it is deducted from our available balance in the account. This is why David\’s cards are known as check cards because the amount is immediately deducted from the checking account.

But on credit cards, you technically borrow some of the money that you have to pay in the future.

So the basic difference is the immediate payment on the debit card and the future payment on the credit card. The risk of debit cards is less because we cannot make any transaction in case there is no balance in the account. Credit cards involve the risk of extra costs like credit cards, and people will have to pay in the future.

Best benefits Debit card in India (2022)

Features/Benefits of Debit Cards:

Debit cards help us to gain financial independence and avoid debt risk. If you know the different features of your debit cards, they will be more useful for your daily expenses.

A debit card gives you the convenience of accessing money directly from your bank account. You can use your debit card to withdraw cash, make online payments, pay bills at a merchant\’s place, and complete transactions and purchases. Many banks allow you to use your debit card abroad without any hindrance.

1. ICICI Bank Coral Paywave International Debit Card:

Annual fee: Rs. 599 + GST.

It is one of the most secure NFC-powered Visa Paywave debit cards with the benefit of non-communicative payments. This card offers many discounts and cashback bonuses at various online shopping and merchant stores in India. Customers can also get payback reward points for shopping online. This card is suitable for online shopping, international payments, lifestyle maintenance, and travel. It is the first bank in India to offer a non-communicative payment facility to its users.

Best features of this debit card:

  • Bookmyshow, Inox, Carnival Cinema, and others offer free movie tickets to their users.
  • International payment facility.
  • Various online and offline benefits.
  • Low renewal fees with many facilities.
  • 2 free Lounge access for users of this card at different airports.
  • High withdrawal limit (1 lacs at domestic ATMs and 2 lacs for International).
  • High online payment limit.
Best benefits Debit card in India (2022)

2. HDFC Bank RuPay Premium Debit Card:

Annual fee: Rs. 200 + GST.

This is one of the best Rupay-powered cards. It is suitable for use for online shopping on Indian websites. After connecting with PayPal, users can make purchases on international e-commerce websites. This HDFC debit card offers a very high purchase limit for online and PoS terminals. It also offers the exclusive benefits of Rupay on various online shopping sites.

Features of this card:

  • Offer discounts on various e-commerce sites.
  • High online purchase limit up to Rs. 2.75 lakh.
  • Cashback offers a 5% cashback offer on utility payment bills for selected sites.
  • Cashback on train ticket booking.
  • 2 free lounge access for card users at different airports.
  • Low ATM renewal fee.
  • Most suitable for groceries, utility bills, and online payments.

3. Kotak Bank PayShopMore International Chip Debit Card:

Annual fee: Rs. 750 + GST.

This debit card is one of the most feature-rich debit cards of Kotak Mahindra Bank operated by Visa and offers many online purchases on Indian sites. This debit card allows you to make international transactions and withdraw cash anywhere in the world.

Features of this card are as follows:

  • Protection of up to Rs. 2.50 lacs for the lost card.
  • Protection of up to Rs. 50,000 for online payments.
  • Cashback offers.
  • Customize the look of your Debit card.
  • Free domestic and international airport lounge access.
  • Suitable for traveling and online purchasing.

4. Axis Bank Burgundy Debit Card:

Annual Fee: Rs. NIL**+ GST.

One of the best non-contact premium debit cards powered by MasterCard is available in the Indian market. This ATM card has a maximum withdrawal limit in India. You need to maintain a minimum balance. If you want this debit card you will have to pay 10 lakh or a renewal fee, which will be much higher.

Features of this card:

  • Higher online payment limit.
  • Higher ATM cash withdrawal limit.
  • Cashback and free ticket offer.
  • For this debit card, the daily cash withdrawal limit will be 3 lakhs and the online payment limit will be 6 lakhs.
  • Extra lounges with VIP facilities at the airport.
  • Up to Rs 6 lakh will be charged for lost card liability.
Best benefits Debit card in India (2022)

5. SBI Platinum International Debit Card:

Annual Fee: Rs. 175 + GST.

It offers one of the few SBI cards with international benefits and many more. SBI\’s extensive network allows you to withdraw cash anywhere. This debit card from SBI comes with both Visa and MasterCard gateway networks.

Best features of this card:

  • International payments.
  • High online payment limit.
  • High cash withdrawal limit.
  • EMI on Debit card purchases for selected users.
  • Low card renewal charges.
  • Free lounge access facility at the airports
  • Reward points with the online purchase.

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