Best AirPods under 1000 (2022) – airpod under 1000

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Best AirPods under 1000 (2022) – airpod under 1000: If you’ve come to our website to listen to music or find an airpod to play a movie or play, you’ve come to the right place. Today I am going to discuss in this article, the best AirPod under 1000 rupees, so friends let’s start without delay. Stay tuned with us till you know about these AirPods (Best AirPods under 1000).

What are AirPods?

Best AirPods under 1000 (2022) - airport under 1000
Best AirPods under 1000 (2022) – airpod under 1000

Released in December 2016 by Apple, AirPods are wireless versions of the Apple earbuds that come in the box with iPhones. Unlike other wireless earbuds at the time, the AirPods have no wires between them. The AirPods come with a carrying case containing a battery to charge them on the go. Without the case, AirPods can last for about 5 hours on a single charge. The case can hold up to 24 hours of battery life.

AirPods are intended for use with iOS and macOS devices. However, they can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

But, now you can use these AirPods on any smartphone. So friends letโ€™s talk about some of the best AirPods.

Best AirPods under 1000 (2022) – Best AirPods under 1000

In this article, I am going to discuss the 3 best selected AirPods. Which you will get in just 1000 rupees. These AirPods have many features. So let friends know the details about these AirPods.

1. WeCool Moonwalk Mini – Best AirPods under 1000

WeCool Moonwalk Mini This is the best pick for AirPods. Let friends know the details about these AirPods. WeCool is a well-known brand for providing a wide range of affordable stylish and featured earbuds. WeCool Moonwalk Mini earbuds offer decent balanced audio and battery life, which is the main advantage. You get about 3 – 4 hours of playtime, and with a charging case, you can use about 15 hours.

WeCool Moonwalk Mini
WeCool Moonwalk Mini – Best AirPods under 1000

In terms of design, it looks like any other typical TWS earbud, but the decent build and black-yellow color combo offer you a sporty and unique look. The earbuds are also very comfortable and secure and offer tight-fitting. It comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 support and it comes with IPX5 water and dust resistance, so you can take these earbuds out in the rain without worrying about getting damaged.

In terms of sound quality, earbuds offer you decent sound quality with clear treble and vocals. There are shallow sounds but in the right amount, not too much or any punchy fill. So if you want a heavy bus then these Wecook earbuds are not an ideal choice for you The quality of the inline mic is good for the price. It sounded good both inside and out, without any major distortion on either side.

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Overall, the WeCool Moonwalk Mini is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a perfect pair of TWS earbuds below 1000. You can use these earbuds. Even if you listen to it all the time, you will not feel uncomfortable. A very comfortable earbud.

Pros & Cons: Best AirPods under 1000

  • Balanced and clear audio, good at this price point.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Good battery life and digital battery indication on charging case
  • IPX5 Waterproof

Cons: Not ideal for bass lovers.

Specification: Best AirPods under 1000

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, up to 8m
  • Compatibility: Laptop, PC, Android, iPhone
  • Control: Music, Incoming & Outgoing calls, Voice assistance.
  • Battery: 3-4h from earbuds, total 10-11h with charging case
  • Charging: approx 1h 30 min for earbuds, 2h for charging case
  • Water Resistance: IPX5
  • Warranty: 1 Year

2. Boult Audio AirBass Q10 – Best AirPods under 1000

This earbud has launched its new Boult Audio AirBass Q10 in India starting from around Rs 1299. If you are thinking of buying an earbud below 1000 then you can buy it by adding an extra 300. It comes in premium-looking colors, with an ear design. It has touch controls that make it easy to control voice calls, music, audio volume, and voice assistant.

Boult Audio AirBass Q10
Boult Audio AirBass Q10 – Best AirPods under 1000

Speaking of sound, it comes with a low latency mode for better gaming, offers a deep bus for an in-ear type design and supports Bluetooth 5.0, and offers up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge. In addition, the case can quickly charge the bud up to four times, providing a total playback time of 24 hours.

Overall if you want to buy the best earbud for under 1000 skin, you can buy it by adding an extra 300 rupees.

3. pTron Bassbuds jets – Best AirPods under 1000

pTron is one of the best sellers on Amazon and they have recently launched PTron Bassbuds Jet in India starting from around Rs. The design and appearance are similar to the cool earbuds listed above but the pTron Bassbuds jets are even better on the bus. The base of this thing is a bit better than the Vakul Moonwalk Mini TWS earbud listed above.

Also, the PTron Bassbuds jets come with touch control where you can control the music and an active voice assistant with touch. These AirPods have a lot of features that I discussed below, let’s take a look at these features –

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 Technology; Strong 10M Connectivity
  • Battery: 5Hrs Playtime; 3.5Hrs Talktime; Stereo Music & Call; 50mAh*2 Earbud; 1Hrs Charge Time; Digital Display Magnetic Charging Case; 400mAh Battery; 120Hrs Standby Time; Micro USB Charging & Cable Provided
  • Sound: Balanced sound Quality with a bit of extra bass.
  • Water Resistance: IPX4

You will also get many more AirPods for 1000 rupees. Such as – Best AirPods under 1000

  1. Truke Fit Prob
  2. Micromax Airfunk 1
  3. pTron Bassbuds V2
  4. WeCool Moonwalk M1
  5. Boult Audio AirBass XPods etc.

These were one of the best earbuds available in the market below 1000. You can find a wide range of earbuds in the market, most of which do not provide you with a good grade quality and moreover it will be difficult for you to choose one. . So we had listed some with the best quality.

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