Anupama written update – 2023 Written Episode Update #Anupama #Anupamawrittenupdate

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Anupama written update: The explosive TV show ‘Anupama has become a hot topic on social media these days. ‘Anupama’ is also on the TRP list. In today’s episode, we are going to watch, Leela tells Hasmukh that she has already instructed them to name Anupama so that she will manage the Pakhi. Hasmukh says if Bhagwan leaves, a stove accident can happen, and Leela can name Anupama to carry 2 buckets of water instead of a stove brigade; He lays right to claim on Anupama as one’s commercial enterprise and does not sell duty on it. Leela asks if it is not Anupama’s residence. Hasmukh asks if Leela’s residence is Jamnagar’s ancestral home or Shah’s residence. Leela is the residence of Shah. Hasmukh says even Anupama’s residence is her husband’s residence. Leela says Pakhi has to come back to address her kids. Hasmukh says Leela is Pakhi’s grandmother and has to handle him later.

Leela asks whether to leave them alone. Banraj says Toshu and Kinjal will stay with them, he won’t get job offers with such good packages anymore and can’t depend on his children and wife’s earnings for long. Hasmukh tells Leela not to stop them and lets them fly freely. He asks Vanraj and Kavya not to worry about them. Banraj says they need to leave now. Kinjal walks in with Toshu and says he has to go to Mumbai for a presentation, but they say no. Toshu says he has to go as he and Samar will take care of the house. Kinjal says he will drop Pari at Rakhi’s house. Leela says that she will take care of her granddaughter and the house. Kinjal suggests calling Anupama if needed. Leela says she can handle everything alone.

Anupama written update – Anupama 23rd December  2022 Written Episode Update #Anupama #Anupamawrittenupdate
Anupama written update – Anupama 2023 Written Episode Update #Anupama #Anupamawrittenupdate

Vanraj says they want to go away properly now. Kinjal with Toshu walks in and says even though she desires to go to Mumbai for a presentation, however, will now no longer cross in the event that they say. Toshu says she needs to cross as he and Samar will deal with the residence. Kinjal says she can be able to drop Pari at Rakhi’s residence. Leela says she can be able to deal with her great-granddaughter and residence well. Kinjal indicates to name Anupama if needed. Leela says she will manage the entirety by my self. Adhik tells Anupama and Anuj that he’ll now no longer divorce Pakhi on Barkha’s insistence and virtually desires to deliver the 2nd danger to his dating. Adhik and Anupama reward his choice and asks him to take a knowledgeable choice. He thanks them for their help.

Adhik asks him to offer time for their dating and reminds him of these days’ meetings. Adhik leaves for a meeting. Anuj asks Anupama if he shall assist her. She says no and indicates a jacket she organized for little Anu. Kinjal enables Kavya in packing her baggage and desires her all of the best. Kavya asks her to hope that they get this activity in some way as their private existence may be returned to no music simplest after going farfar from domestic.

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She says that any Indian bride can have a responsible experience about leaving her in-laws. Their dating has care and duty, but there can be no stability in matters because Banaraj does not recognize stability things; he is involved in Pakhi and ignores every person as if they do not exist, especially their dating; She must love Banraj because in the beginning, even though Banraj always ignores her; Kinjal has his own circle of fairies and relatives, but he has the easiest V and expects V to pay him interest if they live together with me. Kinjal hopes he gets what he wants. Anuj asks Anupama if Pakhi will practically exit and continue her talk. Anupama says that if she wants to spend her existence with Adhik, she has to. Anuj says he is fine. Dimpy gets nervous by bringing tea for them.

Dimpy says that being in yourself and feeling yourself are two separate things, so he thinks he can help her with the Pakhi until Adhi joins her; He wanted to seek their permission before speaking to the Pakhi.

Anupama says she is happy with Dimpy’s type of attitude. Dimpy leaves to communicate with Pakhi. Anuj says even others can help. Anupama feels sad. Kavya reaches Delhi with Banraj and hopes that they will get an activity. Banraj says he is sitting idle at home because 1.5 years and feels terrible depending on his children and wife. Kavya says that it has changed to an alarming extent. Banraj says everyone is settled now and he is not involved. Kavya says that she has taken into account her entire circle of relatives apart from herself and says that she wants to concentrate on dating them. Banraj kisses her forehead.

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