7 times Urfi Javed went semi-nude in the most controversial barely-there outfits

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Teen sensation Urfi Javed needs no introduction today. Be it his bold avatar or unusual outfits that always keep trolls busy, Urfi doesn’t shy away from expressing himself. Urfi’s style is loved by millions and his fan following on Instagram and Facebook among others is just an example of his charisma and charm. He sets the heartbeat racing with his style, techiechamp.in picks several photos that you probably won’t want to miss.

The list of ‘Most Searched Asians on Google 2022’ was released recently and Urfi Javed has become one of the most searched Asians, beating several big celebrities. And this is not the first time the diva has achieved this milestone. Urfi has twice made it to Asia’s Top Searched Personality.

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Now a well-known name in the showbiz industry, Urfi Javed raises many eyebrows whenever he appears on the streets of Mumbai in the most sultry manner. But this time another feather has been added to his cap. Surpassing big Bollywood celebrities like Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, Disha Patani, etc., Urfi has become the most searched Asian in the world.

Urfi Javed has become a popular name among netizens; She has won the hearts of viewers with her bold, eccentric fashion choices and is ranked 57th on the list of most searched Asians due to her massive fan following.

But now he has risen to the 43rd most searched Asian in the world. So, the internet believes that one can either love him or hate him, but Urfi cannot be ignored. And perhaps that’s why he never fails to make it into the headlines. And he has twice made it to the top most searched Asians list.

Urfi Javed, popularly known as Woorfi on social media, knows how to grab eyeballs as he continues to create controversy by sharing his half-naked pictures on his Instagram. Here are seven times she raised eyebrows with her outrageous and controversial looks.

1. Urfi Javed wears only wire:

Urfi Javed is seen hiding her bosoms with her hands while wearing only wires and her underwear.

Urfi Javed wears only wire:
Urfi Javed wears an only wire

2. Floral dress by Urfi Javed:

Urfi Javed went in front of the audience dressed in flowers and had nothing but flowers on his body.

Floral dress by Urfi Javed
Floral dress by Urfi Javed

3. Urfi Javed goes topless:

Urfi Javed is seen covering her modesty with her hands as she goes topless.

4. Urfi Javed steps out in backless:

Urfi Javed was seen attending an event in a backless dress with a short skirt. She gained a lot of recognition through her clothes.

5. Urfi Javed in barely-there underwear:

7 times Urfi Javed went semi-nude in the most controversial barely-there outfits
7 times Urfi Javed went semi-nude in the most controversial barely-there outfits

Urfi Javed is seen sitting in barely-there underwear while covering her breasts with artificial hands.

6. Urfi Javed applies sparkles:

Urfi Javed is seen applying nothing but glitter to her breasts to cover her nipples. This is her most shocking outfit yet.

7. Urfi Javed sports barely-there bra:

Urfi Javed is seen wearing a barely-there bra and nothing else during the photo shoot. That was a shame.

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